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Highlighted from the mainland by two rivers and divided by a third, the city of Montreal is truly a beautiful place to be, whether for a day or a decade. There are beautiful landscapes and parks, fascinating museums and performances, countless boutiques and shops, and some of the finest dining to be found in Quebec. The Montreal experience is not one to be soon forgotten, and the purpose of this site is to help you make the most of it through helpful articles and overviews of what this city has to offer. No matter which of Montreal's zip codes you find yourself in, you're sure to fall in love with this calm and cultured city.

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Downtown Montreal, Quebec, as viewed from Parc Mont-Royal.

Probably one of the most astonishing attractions in Montreal is the Biodome. This unique facility recreates five of the most beautiful ecosystems of the Americas, two of which are altered relative to the seasons, and allows a close-up look at just what lives where. The paths take you right through the center of the tropical forest, Laurentian forest, the St. Lawrence ecosystem, the Arctic, and the Antarctic. Another major attraction is the La Ronde amusement park. With over 40 rides and attractions, from thrill rides like Goliath to classic rides like the Grand Carrousel, the whole family can have tones of fun for the whole day!

The Biodome, located just east of the Parc Olympique.
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There are also plenty of recreational and athletic opportunities in Montreal, with the most noticeable being the Parc Olympique Quebec. Host to the 1976 Olympic Games, the Parc now has a wide selection of high-class facilities available for use by the public. There are seven swimming pools respectively built for competitions, training, synchronized swimming and water polo, diving, underwater diving, warm-up, and wading for younger children. The fitness center has many different weight and cardiovascular exercise machines, with trainers available at all times. The Parc offers many forms of organized activities, from prenatal and postnatal fitness to swimming and diving lessons. With all of this and more contained in just one complex, you can be sure that the rest of Montreal still has plenty of great experiences waiting for you! So next time you're booking a vacation, come to Quebec and experience life a la Montreal!

The Parc Olympique Quebec, including the Montreal Tower.


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